Anne Thai. Designer

Design . Art Direction . Stink Studios . 2017 . Discover the website

Mad Agency

Lead by Jean-Pascal Ulmann - Video DA by Pablo Lamouroux - Development by Jonas Folletête

Design . Concept . UX . AKQA . Chanel . 2015 . Discover the website


A luxury brand is synonymous with reputation, an image that commands respect but also one that raises complex hierarchical issues (commercial, marketing, technological, artistic direction) all of which reduce the scope of creative possibilities.

Lead by Daniel Baesler AKQA , Antoine Lena CHANEL

Chanel has been working with AKQA design agency for over 1 years to insert, store and place a perennial interactive design guide, workshop after workshop.

The “give differently” concept allows consumers to choose one of four Chanel product gift boxes. The white gift box is presented without pointless embellishment in different compositions that illustrate the customisable concept. As they scroll, the consumer can pick from “give preciously”, “give boldly”, “give extravagantly” and “give icononically”. As they scroll, an animated box moves around the screen. Chanel enables us to amplify the intensity of words, screen after screen by moving from a tender to a passionate message.

“The color of Paris” is a real time data visualisation project based on colorimetric data from Chanel’s e-commerce site, city by city, minute by minute, based on orders, impulse purchases or most popular colours.

Pitch . Design . UX . Werkstatt . 2016 . Discover the website

Molotov tv

I am a member of a generation that doesn’t posses a television and has a preference for the verb “to be” rather than “to have”. Our consumption modes have evolved and television is becoming more modern thanks to the Molotov app. My design approaches take into account current overall design.

MOLOTOV offers LIVE broadcast just like on television but with the added advantage of being able to REPLAY or bookmark a programme or a missed film. Users can also follow a favourite presenter or actor for enhanced viewer experience.

Art Direction . Design . Werkstatt . 2016 . Discover the website

Cours at home

Branding design with Pierre-Jean Doumenjou


I am independant Interactive Designer based in Paris. 

I design digital useful experience for users and create delight branding storytelling for businesses.

My strength is to elevate each project by combining User Interaction design, Visual identity and 3D with meaningful details and high-quality craft. This is commitment to results.

Freelance . Stink Studios . AKQA . Hi-ReS! London . Ogilvy One . √Čtapes magazine Gobelins school . EPSAA school . Estienne school . Maximilien Vox schoolaa
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