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A luxury brand is synonymous with reputation, an image that commands respect but also one that raises complex hierarchical issues (commercial, marketing, technological, artistic direction) all of which reduce the scope of creative possibilities.

Lead by Daniel Baesler AKQA , Antoine Lena CHANEL

Chanel has been working with AKQA design agency for over 1 years to insert, store and place a perennial interactive design guide, workshop after workshop.

The “give differently” concept allows consumers to choose one of four Chanel product gift boxes. The white gift box is presented without pointless embellishment in different compositions that illustrate the customisable concept. As they scroll, the consumer can pick from “give preciously”, “give boldly”, “give extravagantly” and “give icononically”. As they scroll, an animated box moves around the screen. Chanel enables us to amplify the intensity of words, screen after screen by moving from a tender to a passionate message.

“The color of Paris” is a real time data visualisation project based on colorimetric data from Chanel’s e-commerce site, city by city, minute by minute, based on orders, impulse purchases or most popular colours.

Design . Werkstatt . 2016 . Discover the link

Kenzo World

Kenzo World is a collaboration between Kenzo Perfume and Kenzo Fashion. Kenzo shows us their universe, the world as they see it, a spontaneous, surprising world that celebrates freedom of expression and creativity. By using Spike Jonze’s publicity clip for inspiration, the virtual storefront retains a traditional, well-ordered personality but through a simple touch of your keyboard, the screen becomes as alive as the dancing actress.

"She is a freethinker and somebody who really is in control of herself and a strong woman who knows what she wants to be." Humberto Leon

Design . Art Direction . Stink Studios . 2017

Mad Agency

Lead by Jean-Pascal Ulmann - Video DA by Pablo Lamouroux - Development by Jonas Folletête

Design . Octave Octave . 2016 . Discover the link

Homly You

Homly is a service that connects individuals with professionals and vice versa. For individuals that require quality work carried out by qualified professionals previously recruited by Homly you. And for professionals that want to find reliable customers and find work easily.

Lead by Jérémy Maurel, UX by Jean-Baptiste Peny, Development by Clément Bardon

We design a relationship. Not just between the user/service but also between individuals and professionals.

For workflow fluidity, I tend to create and maintain a GUI board during the project that indicates typography rules and interaction details which is shared with all team members.

Pitch . Design . UX . Werkstatt . 2016 . Discover the link

Molotov tv

I am a member of a generation that doesn’t posses a television and has a preference for the verb “to be” rather than “to have”. Our consumption modes have evolved and television is becoming more modern thanks to the Molotov app. My design approaches take into account current overall design.

MOLOTOV offers LIVE broadcast just like on television but with the added advantage of being able to REPLAY or bookmark a programme or a missed film. Users can also follow a favourite presenter or actor for enhanced viewer experience.

Pitch . Design . UX . Freelance . 2015 . Discover the link

France tv Rio

For this event, FranceTV launched a multi-device app that enables you to fully experience each event from A-Z. Thanks to its interfaces, a live & replay function is accessible everywhere, you can discover results and medals, consult expert notes and read articles in real time.

You can also receive personalised notifications by type and frequency, get daily round ups and follow your favourite sports and athletes.

Art Direction . Design . Werkstatt . 2016 . Discover the link

Cours at home

Branding design with Pierre-Jean Doumenjou

Art Direction . Design . Rapp . 2015 . Discover the link

Citroën DS

Over and above a new interface, Citroen DS has innovated and deepened the man/machine relationship with its connected car. Hardware and software are now one. With this intelligent service, a car will forever be “MY car” given that it brings together every required service under one roof. (vehicle use, customer service, purchasing, connected services, product sale).

This service is organised around the driver and his/her car which personalises the entire car brand relationship, at each step in the driver’s life, it cleverly adapts to each driving stage: driving habits, efficient budgeting, road safety...

Pitch . Art Direction . Design . Werkstatt . 2016 .

Sopra Banking

Sopra Banking launched a pitch for a site makeover. Rather than a slap of paint, they wanted to entirely rethink data architecture, reorganise entries, transitions from one set of information to another, improve benchmarks on long scrolls, work on modular systems, define a visual vocabulary that modernised the look and feel.

An entire microcosm, structure, system and environnement needed rethinking.

Design . AKQA . 2015 . Discover the link

Google Cultural Institute

GCI has the largest digital archive in the world and unimaginable art collections. This needs transferring to a multimedia version using powerful Google technologies. The GCI website’s purpose is to reach out and be seen to incite museums and collectors tomove into the world of digitalisation.

Lead by Nicolai Villads Løser Smith

Every historic event that has contributing to our current world is accessible in a few clicks.

Each screen adresses a B2B or B2C audience which means that not only do museums needs convincing about making use of the site but so does the general public. Users can plunge into a specific historical era with Google cardboard, guided through an exhibition by an app, zoom into a famous work of art using Giga-pixel and roam the world using Google street view.

Art Direction . Design . UX . 2016


The business of well-being has exploded recently. We accrue lots of wearable fitness trackers that generate frustration, unhappiness and unproductiveness. DeeplY simpli- fies the fitness process, connecting to you via a sensor and encompasses all your needs, providing a user journey for personal sporting activity. You manage your schedule, choose classes and map progress...

You spend less time on apps which frees up more time for quality physical activities. It’s a transparent service that is easy to use.

With over 300 activities in Paris, Deeply gives another dimension to your workout session.

Art Direction . Design . UX . 2015

Mobile Mockup

Freelance experience is a school in itself, it’s a constructive phase and beneficial to each designer that goes through that process. Staying organised, optimising time, retaining critical judgment, distance and a fresh eye to all that surrounds us, recognising personal errors, remaining pragmatic and, in particular, knowing how to keep learning for self improvement.

Future form is a Lab that enables me to remain focused and explore the usual digital typologies of e-commerce, publication, widget, navigation, form, base... By understanding and appropriating best practices I can add an extra dimension to digital subjects or give them a different meaning.

Art Direction . UX . Concept . 2016


This concept derives from three expressions “ to be in the moon” to be disconnected “have your head in the clouds” in an inactive meaning and “firmly grounded” in a connected sense. It’s a private and fun messaging service : there is no public profile, Moon keeps your content private and short lived.

The detail of the interface design contributes to the product’s branding. The logo in itself is not representative.

Multiple social network connections allow you to be transparent with your friends.

Art Direction . 2017 . Discover the link

Mono Combo

My collaboration with Nadia Rais, a talented wood furniture artisan, resulted in the birth of Mono Combo, a Parisian interior furniture brand. It was the combination of two personalities, visions and competencies. This extraordinary challenge arose a year ago.

The Combo product initially thrusts you into an architecture. It creates, by itself, a presence or an atmosphere in a room. Functionalities are masked by a unique aesthetic look that renders you unaware of the potential multi-use aspect of minimal design.

A digital designer is a 50% furniture designer, a designer of objects that will improve the daily life of it user by meeting specific needs and uses this is very similar to the digital design process. However, manufacturing and production require industry know-how.

Art Direction . Interviews . 2017 . Discover the link


Övergång Magazine was founded in 2017 in Paris by Barbara Marche and Me (but unfortunately it was ended during the same year). Basically, it was a bi-weekly magazine online about ecology, zero waste life-style, slow life, natural leather, vegan, ect... Each interview was focus on someone/brand who give some interesting solutions to live a concious and meaningful life. We did by ourself oral interviews, writing and photographies. We are both Designer with no journalist skills but we tried our best to make it great and simple. All feedback from the readers we got, were very positive and motivating. I keep a great souvenir of it.

Exploration . 2018


About Anne Thai

Hello, I’m a French Asian Designer specialised in Interaction Design. I design experience and create sense with minimalist aestheticism. I used to collaborate with differents creative agencies and startups since 5 years, located in Paris, London, Toronto and New York. And during my spare time, I like learning new things and travelling around the world with my backpack. 

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